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Video Production Services

AVP Video Production Services knows that video is the most powerful communication medium for any business. We bring a unique set of skills and perspective to Video Production as we have over 40+ years behind the camera and in front of it.

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Thousands of people attend Trade Shows, Live Events & Corporate Meetings, so how about a Video that gives an overview of your Products or Services? Maybe a new company Innovation? It will have an immediate impact on your attendees, plus you can capture their info via Badge Scan and send them that Video so they can share with Customers. Video is 600% more effective than Print and Direct mail combined and over 60% of all internet users watch online Video monthly.

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So, what type of Video will work best. This could be a Home Page Video for your Website, a very powerful Customer Testimonial, a "How To" Video, something for a Trade Show, Live Event, Product or Service Demo, Company Culture/Behind the Scenes, short impactful Videos across all Social Media platforms, even a Presentation Video like a Ted talk. 88% of Marketers plan on using Social Media platforms for sharing Video and using it as a Marketing Tool.

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Our Post Production team will assemble a broad array of Text, Graphics, Motion Graphics, Animation, Color Grading and Audio to enhance your project. These elements add credibility, emotion and viewer interest for your viewing audience and provides some sizzle for the screen. While Audio is often overlooked, it’s probably the most important part of Post Production. The audience need to hear clearly the message so audio is tweaked and sweetened to make your Video the best it can be.

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Aerial Drone Videography can provide beautiful sweeping images of Landscapes, Downtown areas, Outdoor Events, Amusement Parks,
Golf Courses, Real Estate & more. Drones can also be used inside to show Company assembly processes, wide selections of inventory and also capture unique looks of your team in action from above. Even the company Field Day! We abide by all FAA Rules and Regulations and always make sure that Safety comes first.

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The Video Concept Stage is where the brainstorming happens. The AVP Team is an Idea Machine and will work with you to turn them out until you have the exact concept that will get your primary message across to your target audience, in the most engaging way. What do viewers need to know? What do you want viewers to do after watching the video? What is your call to action? Where will viewers find this video? Collaborating with each other, we’ll brainstorm and hone in on your Vision.


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